Allowing Nature to Inspire Your Exercise

Fallen Leaf Lake

     This past October, I embarked upon a family vacation stretching from Las Vegas, to Lake Tahoe, to Mount Shasta, CA, to Oregon and Washington State.  I found myself jumping in every river, creek, and stream that I could find, cleansing myself in celebration of a new chapter in my life.  I recently completed an amazing 7 year career at Le Reve. The day after my final performance,  I was lucky enough to be featured on the televison show The DOCTORS.  My appearance centered around my former health strategies as an Acrobat in Las Vegas and the type of exercises the public could do to strengthen their core.

    Nature always finds a way of inspiring each of us, even when we are burned out.  For those who just don't feel like going to the gym or working out at home, you don't have to!  Go outside!  Find your nearest park, trail, lake, river, beach or your favorite place where your focus can be "zeroed in" and stimulated by your surroundings.

Fallen Leaf Lake

     Nature has limitless lessons to teach us,  if we are willing to observe and follow her! The biggest one that comes to mind to me as a Health Coach, is finding balance.  Today with so much stimuli in the modern world, we are constantly being bombarded with the philosophy,  "Go! Go! Go! Do! Do! Do! " This constant attack on our minds and bodies can have serious and long lasting consequences. We tend to ingnore ourselves and our health.  We fail to see what our bodes are trying to tell us when we overdo, overconsume, or even, overproduce. Yes, we all can relate, lol! Yet, staring face to face with several gorgeous lakes in October, gave me the inspiration to jump in to exercise and simultaneously find stillness at the same time, coming back to that word, once again....balance! 

   4 Benefits of exercising in nature:

1. You have fresh air with negative ions to fill and oxygenate your lungs.
2. You have the ability to be grounded to the Earth with your barefeet and have that magnetic field run up the meridians of your body, energizing and relaxing your body.
3.  Walking on trails or swimming in lakes and rivers, like this one tend to make you focus more on what you are doing and allow for you to escape the neverending chatter of your mind, especially when that water is so damn cold! (Swimming in cold water is not for people with heart conditions or high blood pressure and they should seek a Physician first before attempting!)
4.  Exercise all ready boosts endorphins, but with nature as your setting, you can amplify this even more.

     Here is a video I recorded while at these beautifull places....I hope this inspires you to find your own balance, inspiration to listen to that voice inside of you , that wants to guide you to your dreams!  Are you listening???